Permanent Housing

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Our Approach

HHB’s Village Program provides permanent housing
for persons diagnosed with HIV/AIDS. Both individuals and families are served.

TSLI Summit is a permanent housing program that provides housing and support services to both individuals and families.

Eligibility Requirements

To be eligible for HHB’s Permanent Housing Program, applicants must be:

  • AIDS or HIV+
  • Homeless or at risk of homelessness
  • Within low-income guidelines

Program fees are based on income.

To be eligible for the Summit Program, applicants must be:

  • Homeless as per the HUD definition
  • Psychiatrically disabled
  • Families must include at least one psychiatrically disabled person over eighteen.

For more information please contact our Intake Department via email at or by calling 631.231.3619.

Services Include

Along with housing, the Village Program provides support services:

  • Referrals to community linkages
  • Referrals to community linkages
  • Life skills development
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Assistance to obtain food and clothing
  • Recreation

Summit staff offer residents a variety of support services to assist them towards self-sufficiency including:

  • Recreation and socialization
  • Medication management
  • Home improvement seminars
  • Financial planning
  • Parent skill training
  • Employment assistance

Summit staff are available 24 hours a day for crisis management.

Our Impact in Action

Summit Program Outcomes 2020:

79{704a922cc8f89d02c2cbdfe2fdc1c091712a728b68ebb7700e50e3887841bb87} of residents maintained their housing

7{704a922cc8f89d02c2cbdfe2fdc1c091712a728b68ebb7700e50e3887841bb87} of residents obtained and maintained employment

100{704a922cc8f89d02c2cbdfe2fdc1c091712a728b68ebb7700e50e3887841bb87} of residents worked on managing the symptoms of their mental illness

17{704a922cc8f89d02c2cbdfe2fdc1c091712a728b68ebb7700e50e3887841bb87} obtained at least one objective in their Service Plan

45{704a922cc8f89d02c2cbdfe2fdc1c091712a728b68ebb7700e50e3887841bb87} of residents with a substance abuse history remained sober

Impact Story

Testimonials Block

I am grateful for the support I’ve had during this time in my life, and also the friends I’ve made. I am glad TSLI/HHB gave me a chance because I think it saved my life. One of my biggest accomplishments has been maintaining my sobriety for the past 22 months.


Amanda and her daughter have been living in HHB’s Permanent Housing Program for the last 6 years. Prior to her admission, she was residing in
an Emergency Shelter. Amanda shared that she was experiencing feelings of depression and hopelessness, and contemplated taking her own life.  With the support of staff, she was able to get the treatment she needed and obtain permanent housing in a supportive program. Having the support of staff, who shared on-going updates and information, “made her feel safe”.

Amanda Resident of HHB