Special Employment Program

Special Employment Program TSLI operates a Special Employment Program (SEP), the objective of which is to provide vocational assessment, training and transitional or long-term paid work in institutional or community job sites for adults disabled by mental illness in Suffolk County.

SEP provides opportunities for individuals who are capable of work but are not yet trained or prepared for competitive employment. For some, SEP is an intermediate step between vocational training and competitive employment. SEP affords participants a bona fide employment situation, including payment of at least the minimum wage for working as part of the maintenance and/or painting crew. Over 100 workers have participated in the Agency’s vocational programs since its inception. The SEP Department is partially staffed by mental health recipients.

SEP provides job training and paid employment in a supported work setting. Workers gain experience in office maintenance and interior painting.

The work crews are supervised by a participant who has advanced through SEP to the position of Crew Chief.

Participants do not have to be residents of TSLI.

For more information please contact our Intake Department via email at intake@tsli-hhb.org or by calling 631.231.3619.